Apple have released their new iPhones!

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Thursday, 13 September 2018, 4:49PM

Apple has released their brand new iPhones and a new generation Apple Watch at an event in the US. 

They have released the XS, the XS Max and the XR. 

The iPhone XS is a sort of "upgraded iPhone X", but looks the same visually, whereas the XS Max is a much larger phone. 

The iPhone XR is likely to be seen as the "more affordable mode", as it is overall slightly lower spec, and has fewer features - such as a single camera as opposed to the XS which has the dual 12MP camera. 

The phones are still aren't exactly "cheap" with the iPhone XR costing from $1,399 onwards and the iPhone XS and XS Max starting at $1,899.

That doesn't stop us being super excited about it!

Will you be buying a new iPhone?

Check out their brand new line up of products above!

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