The best flavoured hot cross buns have been released!

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Sunday, 10 March 2019, 11:57AM
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Easter is only a few weeks away now, which means eating hot cross buns all day, every day.

But what could be better than hot cross buns?

Hot cross bun flavoured M&Ms!

Yep, some genius has just combined two of our favourite things.

The downside?

The tasty treat is only available in Australia ... so get booking those trans-Tasman flights!

According to reports, each colour in the pack has a different flavour.

The dark brown reportedly tastes like chocolate, the medium brown like raisin, and the lightest one has an icing taste. With each colour, there's a "cinnamon/nutmeg/cardamom" taste, too.

Put them all together and you get a hot cross bun!

How gooood!