The lollies that need to make a comeback!

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Wednesday, 3 October 2018, 3:39PM
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We’ve got the list of the best lollies, which need to make a comeback.

There have been some MEAN lollies over the years. From the 1950s through to the late 2000s, Kiwis were treated to a range of delicious chips and lollies.

While there are still some good ones out there like the Pineapple Lumps, Caramilk and Munchos, a number of New Zealand's iconic snacks have disappeared from shop shelves.

From Tangy Fruits to CCs Corn Chips, here's a roundup of classic Kiwiana snacks that should be brought back from extinction.


In 2009 Snifters was axed by Cadbury.

The Snifter snuffed it in 2009 when Cadbury decided to axe the Kiwi favourite.

The lolly, which had a peppermint nougat chocolate centre coated in a candy shell, was a definite winner to snack on at the movies.

Unfortunately, according to Cadbury, the decision was made to drop the iconic New Zealand lolly due to lack of consumer demand.

There was a wave of backlash following the axing with angry Snifter fans protesting in Dunedin and around the country.

A Kiwi also started a petition to bring the Snifter back, but the demands fell on deaf ears.

Tangy Fruits:


Tangy Fruits were small, round, fruit-flavoured candies, often sold at movie theatres

They were damn tasty but often used to throw at friends during your cinema outing.

Tangy Fruits rarely lasted a whole film and were considered perfect for the movies since there was no disturbing rustling sound to worry about when one reached for a second helping.

Production ceased in 2008, again due to a lack of consumer demand.

Ex-pats were furious with one person saying in 2009: "What! The end of Tangy Fruits? As an ex-pat Kiwi what I am going to feed my kids when I come home? I'd like to be able to say 'this is what real lollies are like - not that rubbish you get in Australia'."

RIP the Tangy Fruit.

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Peach Fruit Burst:

If peach wasn't your favourite flavour, you're probably lying.

But more than six years ago Fruit Bursts made the decision to ditch the arguably most popular flavour from its range.

Why? We don't know. But tens of thousands of people have thrown their support behind the 'bring back peach Fruit Bursts' campaign.

Shoppers were so loyal to the mighty peach that some admitted to doing away with Fruit Bursts after shunning the fruity delicacy.

"I stopped buying them after they did away with the peach ones. It boggles my mind why the company would choose to get rid of the very best tasting one," one disgruntled customer said.



Considered one of the "big three" along with Snifters and Tangy Fruits, Sparkles faced the chop in 2008 due to lack of consumer demand.

But that didn't stop Kiwis expressing their anger.

In 2016 a Trade Me user auctioned off two packets of orange Pascall Sparkles.

For what used to be the cheapest item at the local dairy, the bidding started at $10 per pack.

The black market of classic Kiwi candy has come to Trade Me in the past: In 2008, 20 packets of Sparkles were sold for over $50 each.

Toppa Strawberry Ice Cream:

The vanilla ice cream coated in a strawberry shell was a strong Kiwi favourite during summer time.

The humble Toppa was launched in the 1950s and was a mainstay in the New Zealand market until the 2000s before it disappeared.

The strawberry favourite made a return to stores in 2014 for just a limited time before the classic ice cream was withdrawn from dairies.

Upon its return, the taste was slightly different after being made without artificial colours and flavours and with natural alternatives. This was after Tip Top's announcement in July 2013 to use only natural colours and flavours by January of the next year.

With summer baking our skins and drying our mouths, many of us could do with a classic Toppa right now!

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Dessertalicious Ice Cream:

Tip Top's Dessertalicious ice-cream was a popular treat back in the day.

It's honey-comb ice-cream, chocolate mousse and sponge filling was a favourite for many Kiwis. But it suddenly disappeared.

After a few years in the wilderness and a campaign by fans to bring it back, Tip Top teased us with an announcement in 2017.

"The reason we haven't been able to bring it back to date is that we don't have the machine that makes this amazing creation anymore and it's quite a specific one.

"We want you to know though, that it is still very much in our thoughts and we are always looking at ways we can get around it and bring back this much-loved flavour, or deliver something even more mind-blowing with our current set up."

"So don't give up hope just yet and we will keep you in the loop if we find a way to get this classic back on the shelves."

Tip Top, we're still waiting!

Polar Pops ice blocks:

Remember sucking down on these gems during summer?

Polar pops were arguably New Zealand's most popular ice block back in the day and available EVERYWHERE.

The summer sensation came in many flavours including watermelon, lollypop, lemonade, orange, and chocolate dipped lucky dip among others.

The iconic ice block disappeared more than a decade ago but Kiwis still dream of getting their hands on it.

Biguns chips:

It wouldn't be a sleepover without a packet of Biguns!

The school lunch and sleepover favourite were available in four flavours including Cheese, Cheese and Bacon, Bar-b-q, and Tangy.

Local legend has it that Tangy was the most popular flavour before the Biguns brand disappeared from shelves.

In 2016 Bluebird did bring back cheese-flavoured Biguns for a limited time but again the Kiwi classic disappeared from all existence.

The original Cadbury Strawberry Roses:

Remember the original strawberry rose? The one that had a gooey strawberry topping underneath the chocolate? We do too.

But unfortunately a number of years ago Cadbury decided to remove the best part and replace it with a less than flavoursome soft strawberry inside.

While chocolate lovers settled for the change, just weeks ago Cadbury decided to can the popular treat entirely, leaving fans outraged.

It's time to do us a solid, Cadbury, and bring the original strawberry rose back!

Dunking your delicious kangaroo biscuits in chocolaty, refined sugary goop was considered a perfectly acceptable lunch time snack. Those were the days.


What wasn't fun about these little snack packs?

If you didn't finish the delicious hazelnut chocolate cream on your biscuits, you'd find your fingers covered in the sticky goodness in an attempt eat every last drop.

The iconic snack was popular in the school lunchbox and was often a bargaining chip in the playground.

Apparently Dunkaroos are still available in America.

CCs corn chips:

In 2010 CCs corn chips were being cut from supermarket shelves and replaced by a locally made version of the American brand Doritos.

Bluebird Foods, which makes the chips, was believed to have conducted blind taste tests in which Doritos proved more popular.

CCs had been a staple snack in lunchboxes around the country since the 80s and their extinction was met with fiery backlash.

"I, like many Kiwis, grew up with CCs, and to this day they remain my favourite snack food," a CCs fan told the Herald back in 2010.

"Kiwis wouldn't sit quiet if L&P were replaced by some inferior substitute, so why should we be forced to give up the chips we grew up with?

"If nobody speaks up now, what will we do when Marmite, pavlova or Watties' sauces are replaced with their American alternatives?"

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