Meek Mill ends 12 year legal battle by pleading guilty

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Wednesday, 28 August 2019, 1:14PM
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Meek Mill is finally at the end of his 12-year long legal battle after pleading guilty in court.

The 'All Eyes on You' rapper pleaded guilty to a misdemeanour gun charge as part of a plea deal to end his decade long legal dramas. Meek was given a new trial back in July after allegations were made about the credibility of the arresting officer back in the 2008 trial. And the new judge has decided Meek had already spent in prison was enough and would not need to return to jail.

Following the end of the court case, Meek wrote in a lengthy statement on Twitter: "I'm extremely grateful that my long legal battle is finally behind me and I appreciate that it has sparked a much-needed discussion about probation reform and the inequalities that exist within our two Americas. I have always told the truth - that as a teenager, who saw many around me die from senseless gun violence, I carried a gun for protection.

"I take responsibility for that and - in conjunction with my work on the @REFORM Alliance - I'll continue to use my platform to make communities safer and reform our criminal justice system. I want to express my gratitude to all of my supporters, especially JAY-Z, Desiree Perez, Michael Rubin, my legal team and everyone else who stood by me throughout the years. It’s important that we now channel our energy into helping the millions that are unjustly trapped in our criminal justice system. #Justice4Millions #Reform"

Meek also thanked his supporters at the courthouse this morning.

He said: "Free Meek helped me get to this position. Meek freed, I’m not on probation no more. Thank you, I appreciate that a lot. And I just wanted to come up here myself and thank all the supporters because I know y’all probably got family members in jail or people going through the same thing as me and I will continue to do what I do with the reform movement and help the people who helped me."