Kiwi company advertising job for an experienced cannabis grower

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Wednesday, 9 October 2019, 2:37PM
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A New Zealand company is currently advertising online for a cultivation project manager, preferably with cannabis experience.

Rua Bioscience, previously called the Hikurangi Cannabis Company, has posted a job on asking for applicants to express their interest in the role.

The impending start of New Zealand's regulated medicinal cannabis market has created a number of unique work opportunities that previously didn't exist.


According to the job ad, the cultivation project manager "will play a key role in setting up and managing stage two of [the company's] cultivation and growing activities".

There will also be a mentorship aspect to the role, with the successful applicant expected to prioritise training and education for cultivation staff.

The role is definitely not for inexperienced garden growers, however.

The ad makes it clear that the applicant should have at least three years' experience in large-scale commercial cultivation.

The applicant is also required to have a similar amount of managerial and supervisory experience to be considered for the role.

This job ad coincides with Rua's announcement of a major rebrand and leadership shuffle earlier this week.

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Speaking to the New Zealand Herald earlier this week, Rua Biosciences chief executive told the Herald the company wants to bring together world-leading expertise in plant genetics and science to create high-value pharmaceutical products.

It's understood that expert growers will play an integral role in ensuring that companies like Rua Bioscience are able to capitalise on the unique strains of cannabis - and their potential therapeutic benefits - available only in New Zealand.

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