Lady gets plane turned around after finding out her husbands cheating on her!

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Thursday, 9 November 2017, 3:24PM
Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

Think of all the things that could get your plane turned around...go on we'll wait...was a cheating husband on your list? Might as well add it now!

Qatar Airways flight was forced to make an emergency flight, they weren't low on fuel and there wasn't damage to the plane, it was all because of a lady who was too smart for her cheating husband.

According to reports, a woman made the most of her husband being asleep by grabbing his phone and then hand to use his thumb and unlock the fingerprint scanner. From there, the would-be hacker read some messages her husband reeeeeaally didn't want her to see, as you could probably imagine, it did not end with some kissing and cuddling.

The plane had to be turned around after staff couldn't calm down, as she repeatedly used her husband as a boxing bag. The worst thing from this...they had a child AAAAAND they were on the flight!!!!