Jacinda Ardern's dinner with the Flight of the Conchords

Publish Date
Thursday, 4 October 2018, 5:52PM

Jacinda Ardern has revealed that she did meet up with the Flight of the Conchords for dinner after they invited themselves round to hers on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert last week.

Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie from the Flight of the Conchords invited themselves to the Prime Minister's place for dinner when they appeared on the Late Show, but she went one better.

"I know the challenge was put to me I should have dinner with them when I arrived back in New Zealand just to prove just how small the country is.

"I actually managed to have dinner with them in New York, so there you go," Jacinda Ardern told media.

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Last week Clement and McKenzie appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote an upcoming HBO TV show.

It just so happened that the prime minister was due to appear on the show the next night, and host Stephen Colbert asked the pair what he should ask her during the interview.

"Why don't you ask her if we can come round for dinner, maybe at her place," said McKenzie.

How mean is it that our Prime Minister managed to make time for them and took up their invitation! Shot for the invite, Jacinda...