KFC Australia is adding an epic new flavour to their chicken

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017, 3:09PM
Photo: Instagram/kfcnz

Photo: Instagram/kfcnz

Why do you do this to us KFC?! First, you create KFC pizza, but don't bring it to NZ and now you combine a legendary sauce with your chicken, and again it's not in Aotearoa!

In Australia today, KFC have brought two legends together; KFC Extra Crispy Chicken and TABASCO® Sauce.

The world-first recipe originated in Australia, and took over TWO YEARS to perfect.


To ensure the chicken is extra tasty it's marinated in the TABASCO sauce for a minimum of 24 hours, providing a fresh, sizzling and punchy hit that really brings the heat.

Now if you could bring it to New Zealand, KFC, that would be much appreciated.