Beyoncé did this special gesture for a fan who was denied to fly because of his wheelchair

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Friday, 29 September 2023, 4:10PM

Beyoncé just did the kindest gesture for a fan who waited 25 years to see her in concert. 

Jon Hetherington, a Beyoncé super fan with cerebral palsy had finally secured tickets to see her Renaissance World Tour in Seattle. 

He had booked flights and accommodation and was super excited to get on the plane, until the airline told him that his wheelchair was 4 inches too tall and they couldn't get him on any oher planes.

Got to the airport to take my flight and they tell me that my chair is apparently four inches too tall to be loaded on the plane,” He said in his TikTok.

“So they checked every possible flight, every airline, and nothing is available. So after 25 years of waiting, I’m not seeing Beyoncé tonight. So ableism strikes again,” he said.


His video then went VIRAL on TikTok with some fans even offering up their tickets so that he could finally see his favourite artist perform live. The BeyHive was also working overtime tagging Beyoncé in hopes of someone from her team seeing the video. 

Miraculously it worked, someone from her team saw the video and not only were they providing him tickets for the show, but they also arranged for his transportation to  AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. 

He was even invited behind the stage after the show and posted photos of him MEETING BEYONCÉ

This just further confirms our suspicions that Beyoncé can do no wrong!

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