Beyoncé's flaunts her natural hair in a new video

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Tuesday, 23 April 2024, 3:16PM
Photo / @beyonce @cecred

Photo / @beyonce @cecred

Beyoncé is embracing her natural hair with the release of her haircare line Cécred.

Launched earlier this year, Cécred was inspired from growing up seeing her mother mix mainstream products with textured haircare at her salon. 

After the release, both Cécred and Beyoncé received some backlash from people doubting her knowledge and expertise with haircare since she often wears wigs.

Beyoncé quickly put those doubts to rest as she posted a video showing off her natural hair and how her products are making her hair stronger and healthier with the right products and haircare.

In an interview with Essence, Beyonce said "Hair is our lineage; it’s our family story" which ties in perfectly with Cécred's beggings.

Her hair journey started when she was young, sweeping the floors at her mother's salon and has now progressed into creating a haircare line that honours past hair rituals, whilst introducing new ones.

Cécred haircare is defined by its performance, quality, and intention. Her haircare range is set out to not only be a healthy physical foundation for your hair, but also drive a healthier social foundation surrounding hair, "Haircare that isn’t put into the same box others have tried to put me in as a Black woman throughout my career. Haircare that will keep my hair healthy despite how often I change it up as a performer—the colouring, high-tension styles, sewing, sweat, and buildup." 

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