Gordon Ramsay offers to teach Steven Adams how to make the 'perfect Wellington'

Publish Date
Tuesday, 27 February 2018, 11:27AM


NBA Steven Adams has been offered the 'perfect Wellington' from Gordon Ramsay. We don't turn down food, especially Gordon Ramsay food.Β 

NBA on ESPN posted a 'quick-fire' interview with Adams last week! Questions from his fav songs to his biggest fears!

Adams said his favourite meal was "beef" and surprisingly said his hero wasn't a basketball player but in factΒ Chef Ramsay! "He' amazing, with an Amazing story behind him".

Ramsay then reached out to Adams on Twitter, "teach me how to dunk and I'll teach you how to make the perfect Wellington.....Deal ?".

Β Adams replied but said he only teaches free throws...

What a combo!