Eminem reveals why he hated high school

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Thursday, 9 March 2017, 10:59AM
Photo / Imgur

Photo / Imgur

Recently named as the second most successful rapper by XXL magazine, it's fair to say that Marshall Mathers has made his mark on the hip hop world.

Being a rapper wasn't always his dream though - he wanted to be a comic book artist.

It was the pursuit of this dream along with practicing his freestyles at lunch under the alias of M&M that lead to Em being the victim of some severe bullying during high school. The majority of this bullying came from the fact that he was trying to partake in a music genre that was dominated by the black culture.

This picture, which has recently surfaced on the internet, shows Marshall looking a lot different to the rapper we know these days. It was taken in the midst of his bullying.

His mother, Debbie Nelson, even tried to sue the school for not protecting her son, but the case was unsuccessful and was dropped. 

He even talks about this struggle in his song 'Brain Damage' on the 'Slim Shady LP'. In this song, he raps about having his nose broken and being shoved into lockers.

You can check out the full song here: