#WATCH: The dance video outside Maccas that's going VIRAL

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Monday, 12 November 2018, 4:53PM
Photo / Reddit - rothmanbluez

Photo / Reddit - rothmanbluez

A video of a woman twerking on the footpath outside McDonalds in the Auckland CBD, while men throw fries at them has gone viral on the internet. 

It was posted to Reddit, by a user called 'rothmanbluez' who told Newshub that "It was about 4:30am on a Sunday morning and the clubs had finished up so this was about as good as the after parties get at this point in time,". 

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People have commented that the post is a perfect display of Kiwi culture. 

One user commented: "This should be in tourism adverts with all our beautiful scenery."

The video has had thousands of views since it was posted yesterday.