Watch Steven Adams dominate a professional Korean basketball player in an intense one on one

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Sunday, 1 July 2018, 10:38AM

New Zealand vs Korea basketball, it's not a matchup that you'd see every day.

You would think that Steven would absolutely dominate his opponent in this game, but it's not the case.

As soon as they get into the paint Steven has a clear advantage with his height, as he just swats away any layup attempt, but the Korean player has a deadly three-point game that he's not afraid to use.

Steven is in Korea for a training camp, where he's teaching the Samsung Thunders how they do it back in OKC, but basketball isn't the only thing that he's playing over there.

Despite his tendencies to dominate on the court, it seems that his PUBG skills are outclassed over there.

He's also done a little sightseeing while in the country.

Korean folk village 👍

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