This Korean couple covering songs in Te Reo Māori is AWESOME!

Publish Date
Wednesday, 1 May 2019, 3:38PM

A Korean couple have connected with Māori culture through music, covering a number of songs in Te Reo Māori and have quickly becoming social media sensations. 

Daniel and Ashley Chung spoke to Māori Television and said that Korean and Te Reo were similar. 

"I think te reo Māori and Korean, the vowels are quite the same so I try to use that a lot," says Ashley Chung.

The couple have covered a number of well known songs in Te Reo Māori, including He Hōnore and Tapu te Pō (O Holy Night). 

The couple also told Māori Television that they were keen on feedback from listeners. 

"We are learning about Māori culture and we really wanted to know what people actually think because we're foreigners, we don't actually get it clearly". 

Daniel and Ashley have received glowing feedback from fans online. One person said: "Thats gonna say version I've heard so far...", while another said: "Your voice is lovely".

They are also hoping one day to record their own song and apparently hope to sing alongside Kiwi songstress Maisey Rika. 

Check out Daniel and Ashley on Facebook and YouTube here!