This is what Kiwi mums REALLY want for Mother's Day!

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Friday, 10 May 2019, 7:20PM
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Are you still looking for a gift to give your mum on Mother's Day? Or maybe something for your partner on behalf of your children? Look no further, we've put together the ultimate list of gifts guaranteed to make any mum happy on Sunday.

Despite what the TV ads and store brochures tell you, mums don't want a kitchen appliance or a set of bathroom scales for Mother's Day. They also don't want a new bathrobe or a new apron or anything for the house. In fact, they want things you can't buy with money.

The New Zealand Herald asked their readers to share what they would REALLY love to get on Mother's Day and the answers match what our mothers have been trying to tell you for years!

The overwhelming majority of Kiwi women who answered an informal poll on the Herald Facebook page say all they want for Mother's Day is to get some rest, proving your mum isn't "just saying it".

If you're still at a loss for what to get for your mum, here's a list of things that will no doubt be appreciated:

• A clean house
• A sleep in
• A full night's sleep
• No arguments between children
• A phone call or visit from the children who no longer live at home.
• To be acknowledged
• To be left alone all day, no children or husband
• Being able to sit and read a book all day
• A babysitter
• Not having to cook
• Someone else doing the washing
• Being able to go to the bathroom in peace
• A long shower!

Happy Mother's Day to all Kiwi MUMS!