This is the average length of time sex lasts

Publish Date
Friday, 16 February 2018, 9:01AM


Sex is quite the personal thing. 

But Durex has gotten down into the nitty gritty with people about the intimate things in life, to bring us a range of interesting sex facts. 

So widen your sex-ed knowledge with these stats that the Durex 2017 Global Sex Survey Summary showed:

1. Only 23% of sexually active people in NZ use a condom on a regular basis

2. 25% of New Zealanders did not use contraception when losing their virginity

3. 78% of New Zealanders have had sex education

4. 34% of New Zealanders want more sex education about contraception

5. On average masturbation is seen as more acceptable in New Zealand than it is globally (73%)

6. 57% of New Zealanders believe it is acceptable to have a same sex partner

7. The global average age that the population loses their virginity is dropping. The global average is currently sitting at 17.4 average

8. 46% of people feel more attractive as a result of a good sex life

9. Japan is the least sexually satisfied country, with India being the most satisfied

10. The average length of sex (including foreplay) is 32 minutes