The world's most common fetish has been revealed... do you have it?

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018, 3:59PM
Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

Have you ever come across someone with a sexual fetish? Or do you have a sexual fetish yourself?

Well if you're a bit of a feen for feet then you can sigh a sigh of relief as your not odd, it's the most common fetish out there. 

Retired dominatrix Jenny Nordbak, who has fulfilled men's fetishes for 50+ years has revealed that the most common sexual fetish is a foot fetish.


Talking to the Daily Star Online, Jenny said that “Tonnes of people have a foot fetish– there’s a whole spectrum.

“For some guys, it’s perfectly manicured clean feet and for others, it’s stinky, dirty feet. Some want feet that are smashing something, or popping bubble wrap or in a certain kind of shoe.


“There is a broad range of fetishes that fall under it. Usually, it’s a foot massage, we called it “foot worship”, so I would get paid to have a foot massage for an hour.”

As for the more unusual fetishes, she's experienced a lot. She divulged in one of the more strange ones; a fetish of air being let out. 

“So if you stab a pool inflatable and the air starts leaking out of it – that’s their fetish."

Jenny revealed she was only ever uncomfortable with someone’s fetish when it was something disgusting, like men who were being made to lick a broom, the ground or an ashtray – or they wanted to be forced to clean a toilet.