McDonald's uses this really clever trick on drunk customers

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017, 5:20PM
Photo / Getty Images - Instagram

Photo / Getty Images - Instagram

When it's 1am, your drunk and craving a feed, where do you go? Nowhere else but McDonald's, of course. But McDonalds doesn't want your drunk sloppy arse causing a ruckus in their establishment.

They want civilised drunks and in order to keep them in order, they've turned to the classics. 

The fast food chain has tested the effects of playing classical music in the early hours of the morning, finding that it has a calming effect on visitors in those early seedy hours of the morning. 

A McDonald's spokesperson told The Mirror:

"We have tested the effects of classical music in the past and played it in some of our restaurants as it encourages more acceptable behaviour.

Typically, classical music is played from early evening onwards, and in some cases, on certain nights in a small number of restaurants."

At the moment we only know of this happening the UK, but we feel like crunk Kiwis would definitely advantage from a bit of classical music with a side of fries!