McDonalds new pointless item that we didn't ask for but is secretly pretty cool

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Wednesday, 3 May 2017, 1:16PM
Photo / Getty Images - Instagram

Photo / Getty Images - Instagram

Let's paint a picture for you, it's 6pm at night and you're about to chow down into some McDonald's loaded fries, you wanna use a fork but don't wanna do any dishes, well strap yourself in!

McDonald's, who are at the forefront of fast food research, are really taking your feedback and thoughts seriously. So through their RnR, McDonald's have given us the 'Frork'.

Could this be the best thing since sliced bread? Probably not, but let us discuss, you have a fork that you can then eat, count us in as a big fan! 

Yeah, we thought it would be a 'McFork' but hey it's Mcdonalds, they can do whatever they want. The revolutionary new gadget allows hungry customers to use their fries to scoop up the extra t-sauce, mayo or other sauces available rather than smearing it all over their plate while they try to salvage the last bites of their meal. The item will enter the world on Cinco de mayo and then eventually shared throughout the United States.

Yeeeeeah, we're fine with Kiwi burger thanks, McDonalds.