KFC is launching a 'dating app'

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Friday, 13 September 2019, 10:34PM
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KFC is entering the video games market, with the launch of a dating simulator centred around a suave, young Colonel Sanders.

"I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin' Good Dating Simulator" is due to be released on September 24 through the Steam platform and will be available on Mac and PC.

The game offers players the chance to see if they "have what it takes to be the business partner of and win the heart of the most famous chicken salesman of all time".

A KFC spokesperson told USA Today that the game "goes through three acts in which users are given options that have an effect on the outcome of the game, as well as the chance to date the Colonel".

"The suave Colonel Sanders, in his signature all-white suit and folded-to-perfection bow tie, also joins the culinary school to embark on his journey of becoming the world's greatest fried chicken salesman, adding to your list of challenges," KFC said.

Although some reacted positively to the news, many called KFC out for its "cringey" appeal to gamers.

The game is the latest in a series of leftfield marketing stunts from the fried chicken chain, who have previous release chicken-scented bath bombs, candles and fire logs.

KFC NZ released KFC-themed Christmas decorations in 2017, with the Colonel taking the place of Santa Claus.

This article was originally published at nzherald.co.nz and is reproduced here with permission