'How to dad' released a new video, 'how to understand NZ slang' and we are in fits!

Publish Date
Thursday, 24 May 2018, 10:12AM


You probably remember the viral video 'how to dad' made in March about the difference between Australia and New Zealand. The video was viewed close to 2 million times and had everybody in fits!!

No long after the 'How to Dad' video an Australian comedian who goes by the name Isaac Butterfield released a similar video titled 'The actual difference between Australia and New Zealand'.

The Australian version was pretty outrageous, in fact, it was called a racist video and the comedian ended up being banned on Facebook


That's not the best part though, yesterday 'How to Dad' released a new video called 'How to understand New Zealand slang' and we're in fits!

Watch the full video below.