Horrific iPhone charger accident leaves a man lucky to be alive

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Tuesday, 9 May 2017, 9:38AM
Photo / Instagram - Getty images

Photo / Instagram - Getty images

Sure Samsungs exploding phones were pretty bad, but we have to admit this iPhone accident is horrifyingly grim!

If this teaches anything, it should be to keep your phone charger away from your head when you sleep and don't wear neck chains to bed! Otherwise, you may have a near-death experience similar to Wiley Day. The 32-year-old had his iPhone plugged in near his bed when his neck chain freakishly made its way onto the metal prongs of the charger, sending a charge of 110 Volts through his body.

The chain burned into his neck, leaving severe scarring and permanent damage. In an interview revealed that he thought this was how he was going to die as he was driving to the hospital. As a result of his accident, Day sustained horrific burns to his neck, chest and hand as well as torn tissue in his left shoulder after the electricity exited his body.

Day works as a behaviour therapist in a high school and he plans to share his ordeal so that he can warn others of the dangers of overnight charging phones.