Here's why Coke from McDonald's always taste different than the bottle!

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017, 11:30AM
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Photo / Instagram

Have you ever ordered a large icy coke with your nuggies at Macca's, had a sip and thought "hey this tastes different to the normal coke"?

Don't worry, you weren't imagining it, it does taste different and there is a few reasons why actually! 

According to Spoon University, there are five key reasons McDonald's Coke tastes different.

They are: the way it's transported, the way it's filtered, the temperature it's kept at, what they do to the syrup, and how they serve it.

That's a lot that goes into a simple serving of Coca Cola! 

So let's break down each stage, shall we?

Transport: McDonald's apparently have their coke delivered to them via in stainless steel containers as this helps preserve the ingredients better, resulting in a fresher taste.

Filtered: The water that is added to syrup coke mix is filtered, which is always lovely to know! 

The temperature: Spoon University explains Macca's makes sure they keep their coke crispy cold, "The cold temperature is essential for achieving peak C02 levels. This not only ensures the crisp, bubbly taste of your Coke, but also means that the carbonation will last longer than other restaurants." 

Syrup: The syrup used to blend with the filtered water is also cooled to be at a low temperature, because they're really big on it being served cold, which may be why they also add ice to your drink? Cause, cold. 

How they serve it: Now this is the most interesting part. Apparently McDonald's straws are wider than most other establishments'. Why? This is "so all that Coke taste can hit all your taste buds".

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So next time you wash your Big Mac down with Coca Cola consider just how much went into that thirst clenching gulp you just had.