Bride live tweeted her revenge on her cheating fiance one day before the wedding

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017, 3:26PM
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Photo / Getty Images

Picture this, it's the night before your wedding, you're a bundle of nerves and excitement. You're about to settle in for a good night's sleep - and then you walk in on your husband-to-be in bed with your bridesmaid.

What would you do if you found yourself in this horrible situation?

For this American bride, and one loyal bridesmaid, they decided to document the whole thing on Twitter as they plotted to get revenge:

While the jilted bride was no doubt devastated, her group of loyal pals rallied around her for support:

And as the group rode through the stages of grief, the bridesmaid continued to update her followers:

While her former husband-to-be and his new bride were busy planning a getaway, she was busy making sure he had nothing to his name.


But the party was interrupted by a riveting plot twist:


A minute later she shared that the bride "managed to choke out 'I didn't dodge a bullet; I dodged a f**king atomic bomb' oh my gods this is just..."

Incredulously, the cheating groom and his new bride then proceeded to boast about their honeymoon.

As the party wound down, the bridesmaid kept her followers updated and went on to share the plan to donate all of the groom's things to charity.


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