18 Technological Struggles From The 2000s That Kids Today Will Never Understand

Publish Date
Thursday, 4 February 2021, 12:34PM

With all the OG jams we now play 24/7 it got us thinking about our childhood.

And we realised, we had it pretty tough... well, technologically tough compared to kids these days. 


So, we've compiled a list of the 18 technological struggles from the 2000s that kids today will never understand - and we're pretty sure you'll relate to them all! 


1. Waiting for your Mum to get off the phone so you can use the internet #dialup

2. But then the internet connection wouldn't work, so you'd be frantically pulling the phone cable in and out of the wall

3. Waiting for your crush to come online and hoping they’re not just 'appearing offline' on MSN

messenger msn trucos

4. Getting told off by your parents for using Limewire to download music

computer virus

5. Waiting ten hours for a Limewire song to download, only to discover it’s a sh*tty recording of a totally different song


6. Begging your friends for "luv" on Bebo

7. Only having 160 characters per text message

8. Running out of Telecom’s 500 texts two days into the month

9. Not being able to text Telecom users because you were with Vodafone (or vice versa)

cant go back

10. Clocking 'Snake' and then having nothing else to do

11. Burning a CD and running out of room for your fave 'sUmmA jaMzzz' 

12. Renting a VCR from Video Ezy or Blockbuster only to find the previous renter hadn't done the mandatory 'rewind' 

13. Trying to run with a Sony Walkman in your pocket

14. Saving files to a floppy disc that could only hold one word documents

15. Waiting for your favourite song on the radio to record it

16. Losing your favourite songs because the CD got a scratch

17. Getting stuck in punishing conversations because there was no Caller ID

18. Not being able to stream videos online, at all, ever.