Watch: Parris Goebel takes on her biggest project yet

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Thursday, 19 July 2018, 11:10AM
Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

New Zealand choreographer Parris Goebel and her ReQuest dance troop are killing it on the world stage again with Ciara's new music video for her latest single Level Up.

Ciara has made a sensational comeback with her first single since the release of her 2015 album Jackie and warned fans to "get ready to dance" before she dropped her bouncy track and music video.

The collaboration between Ciara and Goebel sees the singer and the ReQuest dancers pull off the astonishing workout-inspired moves.

Goebel shared a few glimpses of the video with her social media followers and thanked Ciara for "being so sweet, hardworking and trusting me with your vision".

A woman of many talents, not only did she choreograph and direct the video but it seems Goebel edited it too.

How would you feel if I told you I directed, choreographed and edited it too🙊

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New Zealand's involvement extends even further with Goebel thanking Kiwi designer Karen Walker alongside I.AM.GIA for the outfits the dancers wear.

The impressive choreography and dancing has made headlines around the world since the video landed yesterday.


Vulture said the video "features Ciara's hallmark dance talent pumped up to epic proportions with the help of an army of dancers".

They also warn fans not to try the moves at home.

"Before you and your friends try to recreate any of this at the bar, just know that the moves these troops unleash are the work of legendary choreographer Parris Goebel, aka Parris, and her ReQuest Dance Crew."

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