Steven Adams' Powerade 'over-hydrating' controversy

Publish Date
Monday, 25 June 2018, 5:39PM

This ad has been a thing of controversy lately, because of the way that Steven Adams drinks his Powerade.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received a complaint because Steven has a 'major squirt' during a basketball game that is a 'dangerous and over the top image.'


Steven Adams puts reporter in his place.

"Having been a professional dancer in my youth, we were not allowed, when we came offstage after an energetic dance or between dances to drink fluid as when we went back on stage it would 'slosh' in our stomachs," the complaint said.

"We could wet our mouths with a provided wedge of orange, but had to take care not to get a fragment stuck in our throat which could cause coughing or choking.

"The over-hydration craze these days shouldn't be demonstrated in such an overdone manner. A sip should be enough. I know the ad is about POWER, but the huge, bottle crunching final major squirt is a dangerous over the top image."

The complaint has since been rejected as the ad was "highlighting the bottle design that could deliver fast hydration to those, like Steven Adams, a professional basketball player, who needed to hydrate quickly during a game".

The advertisement didn't the Code for Advertising Food so the complaint didn't proceed.