Kim Kardashian just made a hilarious confession about Taylor Swift and Drake

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Wednesday, 16 January 2019, 4:48PM
Photo / YouTube

Photo / YouTube

A lot of things came out of Kim Kardashian's appearance on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens, and we're still trying to work it all out.

Kim announcing that she and Kanye were expecting another baby was by far the biggest, but there were another couple of topics that were overlooked.

Branding Khloe an "idiot" for staying with Tristan after the cheating scandal was another cracker, but Kim opening up about the Drake and Taylor Swift feuds had us in stitches.

When asked about the feud with Taylor during a section called 'Squash That Beef', Kim promptly replied: "over it."

When asked if the two had spoken since the incident, Kim said: “No, I feel like we’ve all moved on.”

It was the elevator question that truly raised eyebrows though, with Kim pausing before her reply.


"Who would you rather be stuck in an elevator with, Taylor Swift, or Drake?" she was asked.

Kim answered Taylor after the break, which doesn't surprise us too much as Kanye and Drake are still publically beefing.

Check out the whole interview here: