Flava's newest addition: Daz & Lacey welcome baby boy!

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Friday, 28 September 2018, 1:10PM
Photo / Darryl-Mathew Suasua

Photo / Darryl-Mathew Suasua

A massive congratulations to our boy Daz and his wife Lacey on their new baby boy.

Axl-Carter was born at 12:39am on 28th September. 


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Daz and Lacey got married back in April after Daz engaged to Lacey LIVE on air! Click here to watch the proposal.

Daz has sent us some photos to share with the wider Flava whānau. Once again a massive congrats to Daz and Lacey - all the love to you guys and Axl-Carter. 

Daz and his man! 

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Axl-Carter - born 28/9/18 at 12:39am

Axl-Carter and new mum Lacey

Our hearts are melting!!