Check out the INSANE presents Offset gave Cardi B for Christmas

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Friday, 28 December 2018, 8:45AM

Christmas is a time for love and forgiving, right?

Well, it seems that's just what rapper Offset was hoping when he chose his lavish gifts for ex Cardi B.

He hasn't been shy about wanting his baby Mama back, after crashing her show and tweeting about, a lot.

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And it seems this Christmas he went all out on gifts for Cardi too, while the pair spent the holiday together in Puerto Rico.

In now-deleted Instagrams, Cardi showed off fancy shoes:

Designer handbags, including one that retails for $6,950 and a Birkin bag that set him back $15,000US!

He also gave her some pretty insane bling, because who doesn't want jewellery at Christmas?

Who can say how much Offset spent all together on these lavish gifts for Cardi, but more importantly, did it buy him some brownie points with her?

The rapper reportedly thanked Offset in a since-deleted Instagram, simply writing "Thanks @offsetyrn."