All Black Aaron Smith and his partner reveal the gender of their baby

Publish Date
Monday, 8 April 2019, 7:32PM
Photo / Instagram - @teaganvoykovich_

Photo / Instagram - @teaganvoykovich_

All Black Aaron Smith and his partner Teagan Voykovich have revealed the gender of their baby, which they recently announced they were having.Β 

They took to social media to share the video of the baby's gender reveal.Β 

The video shows a large black balloon, which after bursting reveals blue confetti - showing the pair are expecting a baby boy!Β 

Aaron and Teagan announced they were expecting a baby on March 10. They have been holidaying it up in Fiji and it looks like Aaron took the chance to propose while on holiday, with the pair announcing their engagement while on the trip.Β 

Teagan took to Instagram to share the news, captioning the post: "Here's to forever".Β 

Congrats team!