Swiss - Homebound

Publish Date
Friday, 20 March 2020, 9:35PM

If there was a perfect way to kick off the year in releases, Homebound - the brand new single by Swiss, wouldn’t be far off if it wasn’t right on the money!

After dabbling in different sounds and styles over the years. Swiss has almost reverted back to the traditional feel good reggae we came to know him by. I say almost because this is not the same young, single, fresh-faced kid everyone fell in love with. Instead he now writes his music from a different place, being a young father and also a husband to his beautiful wife/songstress, Tree. 

After being on the road most of 2019 and not having as many releases as he would’ve like, Homebound is the first single off one of the many projects Swiss has lined up for 2020 and I promise you this, it definitely doesn’t wait on you. The ‘AAHHHS’ hits you from the moment you press that play button.

It almost gives off a festival type vibe with the live music production of Sinky Beatz and the powerful, rich and full harmonies of Swiss just take you away like you’re on your own private island with no worries in the world. This is one you’ll hear being played at all your family gatherings, road trips and summer playlists for years to come.


Check the video here:



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