Williams Family co-host Drive with Maz!

Publish Date
Friday, 14 June 2024, 10:46AM

Lavina, Emily, Josh and Ezra Williams are at Flava for their first EVER radio interview as a whānau.

The talented aiga join Maz for an amazing time of lots of banter and all share a powerful talanoa about rising from the trenches and the reality of being entertainers when nobody else is around. A few tears... lots more laughs!

Check out their performance here:


When the talent in the family got shared out well… 😭🤩 we LOVE the Williams Family 💖 Making an appearance on Drive with Maz, the Williams fam co-hosted the hour & gave us a beautiful talanoa about their own incredible journeys Hear the full chat tomorrow on Maz’s Meet & Greets Podcast streaming on iHeart Radio or wherever you get your podcasts 🎧

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Check out the full chat on Maz's Meet & Greets Podcast.



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