We can finally watch the full-length Aladdin trailer!

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Wednesday, 13 March 2019, 9:25AM
Photo / YouTube

Photo / YouTube

Aladdin is arguably the best Disney animated film to date (big call - we know), so when the company announced a live-action version, many people were sceptical it could ever live up to the OG. And don't even get us started on the genie backlash...

The movie's trailer was released today in full after a number of snippets of the trailer were released previously. 

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The shiny new trailer features all new but recognisable footage of the film and a little sneak peek of 'Friend Like Me' and 'A Whole New World'.

Oh yeah, these are definitely gonna be stuck in your head all day. 

Aladdin will be released in Kiwi theatres on the 23rd of May 2019