This Tone 6, Tonga Sisters collab is freaking good!!

Publish Date
Thursday, 22 March 2018, 9:09AM

Tone 6 and The Tonga Sisters are 2 amazing groups that are taking the internet by storm! What's better than these two groups... These two groups singing together! These guys teamed up to do a medley and it's AMAZING!

People had made negative comments towards the groups but neither has let it affect them. 

Since then, we saw people posting hate comments on Social Media against both the Tonga Sisters and Tone 6 about their Performances & trying to make out, the groups were competing against each other. For us, it was nice to see that the kids never let the negativity get to them.

To get to the TRUE HEART of why they sing, we asked them to share about themselves, other interests, favourite styles of Music, Singers & Artists. From there, we found a common interest, and it was nice for me to hear that GOSPEL/CHURCH is the root of how they started singing .. through their Culture and Families.

God mean't for these amazing kids to meet and let their LOVE OF MUSIC take over despite all the negative comments thrown at them and We are THANKFUL we found a 2Hour window, through both their busy schedules to come together and Collab this quick Gospel Medley.

Our encouragement to you all is BE KIND to one another. 
Speak Life & Love to each other and let your Gifts from God SHINE, giving all Glory & Honour back to HIM!!