This Mi Goreng toastie with melted cheese and fried egg is going viral online

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Monday, 29 April 2019, 2:22PM
Photo / Instagram - Dutch Smuggler

Photo / Instagram - Dutch Smuggler

Let's be honest, most have tried to create their own impressive noodle sandwich at home.

Now a Sydney cafe has taken it to the next level by turning the university student go-to meal, a packet of Mi Goreng, into a gourmet cheese and noodle toastie.

Aussie cafe Dutch Smuggler has compiled a mashup of simple favourites, combining the humble cheese toastie with an egg and Mi Goreng. 

For $9.50, the delicacy is made with two pieces of sliced bread, Mi Goreng stuffed in the middle with melted cheddar cheese, a fried egg with runny yolk and spicy mayonnaise to kick off the flavours.

The popular toastie was trialled back in 2017 but is now a permanent fixture on the cafe's menu. The cafe even features the toastie on their Instagram bio, where they call themselves the "Home of the Mi Goreng Toastie (and others)!".

The creation proved so popular it was voted Sydney's best sandwich of 2019 by Good Food.

Punters in love with the cafe's creation have described the delicacy as the perfect "hangover cure" and "bloody addictive".

Others describe it as a "heart attack on a plate" but "definitely worth it at least once".

The Sydney cafe has other weird creations too, including the 'Mac Daddy', which is made up of Homemade Mac & Cheese, Beef Brisket and MORE cheese. We're not entirely sure we are a fan of this one either.

But - we reckon that Flava got this first! Late last year, Daz & Ast tried some marvelous toastie creations, including one with some Mi Goreng noodles! 

Check out how it went down with Daz & Ast here. 

What are your thoughts on the Mi Goreng, two minute noodles toastie? Yes or No?!