This is the number one food for your man to eat to smell more sexy!

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Thursday, 24 August 2017, 3:07PM
Photo / Getty Images

Photo / Getty Images

So, your man just finished a tough class of Zumba or Bikram yoga, his sweat level is at an all time high and what follows is an experience your nose didn't ask for!

In 2015 women told that a defence to natural B-O was inserting garlic into the diet, a tough addition, but something that men nonetheless pursued in hope their sweat would draw the ladies as opposed to flies. Alas, we have been led astray but we're here to make things right!

According to a study from researchers at an Australian University, the real key to scenting up a storm was eating vegetables and fruits.

Researchers took sweat from men with different diets and then asked women to rate the sweat for smell (gross, we know!). The men were given fresh t-shirts and then had to exercise, the ladies concluded that men who ate more fruits and veggies had more pleasant sweat.

If you wanted to know what the worst foods to eat are, it was high carb foods.

So men, if you're finding that women are as attracted to you as magnets are to paper, then drop that rice bowl and head on down to the nearest fruit shop, cos an apple a day might keep the doctor away but it won't keep the ladies away!