The precious Māori gift Meghan Markle will take with her from Aotearoa

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Tuesday, 30 October 2018, 2:37PM
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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are in the country until tomorrow and Flava's got a bit of a connection to the Royals. 

Kiri Nathan kindly gifted a special pounamu to the Duchess on her visit to Wellington earlier this week. 

Kiri posted to Instagram to share the news that Meghan would be leaving the country with a special piece of KIRI NATHAN pounamu. 

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Kiri also happens to be the mother of our very own Ast from Drive with Daz and Ast!

Kiri also revealed on Instagram that her fashion label was the designer of our Prime Minister's outfit for the meeting at Government House. Jacinda Ardern wore an outfit with a KIRI NATHAN handwoven collar.

Kiri's previous work has included designing Korowai for the Governor General for an honours ceremony, where the Topp Twins, for example, got recognised for the work in their industry. 

Go Kiri - we're so happy that Meghan gets to take a piece of Aotearoa with her!