The impact that farting in front of your partner has on your relationship

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Friday, 25 August 2017, 2:05PM
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Photo / Getty

When you start seeing someone new there's always that internal (literally lol) dilemma - when is it appropriate to let one loose in front of them?

Do you cop the stomach aches for the next hour, or do you just let nature be and let it rip?

Well for those that are farting shy, it may be good to know that you don't need to hold that bad boy in!

According to relationship expert, Leah Desesare, being able to fart in front of one another shows a happy and healthy relationship.

Leah says that doing "unpleasant things" things such as farting in front of your partner can help build a stronger bond.

Most people tend to hold their farts in as they don't want to appear unattractive their significant other, although, ironically, it's by breaking down this wall that your partner will likely feel more comfortable around you and trust you further, Leah reports.

So there you have it, better out than in right!