The heartwarming reason why these Kilt wearing Scottish blokes performed an epic Haka will make your day

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Monday, 15 May 2017, 2:39PM
Photo / NZ Herald

Photo / NZ Herald

A Scottish groom's hearty friends have pulled off a surprise haka for wedding guests at his reception.

The men, from Garnock Rugby Club in Scotland, were asked by bride Alyson Reid to shock her groom, Graeme Reid, with a traditional Maori war dance at Boturich Castle. Wearing traditional Scottish kilts, the group of men stunned wedding-goers with their epic performance. The men had been practising their pronunciation and moves for over six weeks, perfecting the Ka Mate haka before wowing guests at the weekend.

Bride Alyson told the Daily Record the men were nervous. "When I asked the guys they seemed quite nervous, as they didn't think they could learn it or keep it a secret! "But 15 of them got together and rehearsed two to three times a week. It's such an emotional dance. Some of them even admitted they would tear up after rehearsals." The men also performed a haka during speeches at the wedding reception.

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