T-Pain has released a cocktail recipe book called 'Can I Mix You A Drink?'

Publish Date
Thursday, 23 December 2021, 11:21AM

Taking a line from his iconic 2007 track, T-Pain has released a cocktail recipe book called 'Can I Mix You a Drink?'.

With hits like 'Bartender' and 'Blame It On The Alcohol' it's pretty clear T-Pain knows his way around a few hot bottles. And the best part is, everyone will now be able to mix drinks just like the man himself.

The description of the book says "Can I Mix You A Drink? is a high-end liquor guide inspired by Grammy Award-winning Platinum artist T-Pain's hit songs, blending innovative drinks with humorous anecdotes that only T-Pain can deliver."

From the fluffy pimp hats and long coats to the iconic white wrap-around sunglasses, Teddy Pain is quite an eccentric guy and many of these drinks are like that too so be ready for them.

‘Soul on Fire’, for example, requires the creation of a home-made cinnamon syrup, which requires routine stirring over a 48 hour period. Not exactly a quick one to rustle up for party guests.

You can purchase 'Can I Mix You A Drink?' here.

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