Study finds that older siblings are "more successful" than younger ones

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Saturday, 10 June 2017, 10:45AM
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Always wanted to find a reason why you, the oldest, are better than your younger counterparts?

Well now you have it. You've been better ever since you were born.

The study that was conducted by the LZA Institute of Labour Economics has found that the first child born is 24% more likely to work in top positions than the second, and 28% more likely than the third.


It has also found that they are more likely to end up in personality driven roles.

The reasoning behind these findings are kind of confusing - but most of it surrounds the parenting.

The oldest child is more likely to read books as opposed to watching TV, and on average, receive more help with schoolwork than later born ones.

Also, on average, parents put less investment and attention into the younger ones - it's nothing personal, just a fact.