Silver Fern Casey Kopua's daughter steals the show at the Netball World Cup Final

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Monday, 22 July 2019, 4:54PM

Silver Fern veteran Casey Kopua was the world champion star until her three-year-old daughter Maia stole the show.

The post-final interview turned into a cute never-to-forget moment between mother and daughter.

As Kopua answered questions on Sky Sports following the thrilling one goal victory over Australia in Liverpool, Maia began licking her mum's neck and shoulder.

"Do you like the taste of sweat?" the BBC interviewer asked Maia, while her mum explained that she liked the saltiness.

Prompted to help celebrate, the toddler raised an arm in triumph and managed an impressive wave.

There was plenty of praise on social media for the Silver Ferns with the All Blacks managing to catch the ending after arriving from Argentina this morning.

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