Plot twist as second Bachelorette is revealed!

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Monday, 3 February 2020, 9:15AM
Photo / Supplied - TVNZ

Photo / Supplied - TVNZ

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for last night’s episode of The Bachelorette New Zealand.

It was revealed on last night’s episode of The Bachelorette NZ that the one and only Lily McManus is joining as the second Bachelorette alongside doctor Lesina Nakhid-Schuster on the quest for love.

What a plot twist!

One of the more awkward moments that came out of last night’s episode was when contestant Glenn thought that Lily and Lesina would be a package deal and even went as far to think a threesome could be expected. ... Um, what?!

Lily – who you may recognise from Celebrity Treasure Island and the third season of The Bachelor NZ - joined Laura, Sam and Toni on air this morning to discuss the bombshell revelation ... And she also shared her epic comeback for Glenn’s rude request.

"If you’re into Lesina you’re probably not into me and if you’re into me you’re probably not into Lesina," Lily said. "The good thing about us being so different is that we don’t attract the same men."

"To be fair, one of them was quite happy to have both of you," Toni pointed out, referring to Glenn.

"Yeah, ahh, he can have his right hand,” Lily snapped back, slamming the Bachelorette contestant’s comments.

"Why did you not get rid of him straight away?" Toni then asked.

"You just keep watching this show … that’s all I can tell ya," Lily replied, hinting that the Personal Trainer may not last too much longer.

Well, we definitely can’t wait to find out!

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Y’all mind if I join this nationally televised tonsil hockey tournament? When I was asked to do this show, woman empowerment was always a main priority of mine. The show had to be about two women raising each other up and supporting one another through such a wild experience. Lesina is a GREAT mate of mine and the amount of support we have been able to offer each other throughout this makes my brain melt in the best possible way. We are two very different women, who are looking for two very different things. There are so many different ways of being a woman in this day and age and to me that is the most exciting thing. It’s amazing to see this franchise represent a woman like myself who isn’t ready for marriage and kids and show that a relationship without these things is still worthy and valid. No matter how this show is edited I can assure you there is no man worth getting in between mine and lesinas bromance. Am I terrified to watch myself pull the small organ in which is my heart, out of my chest and show it to The whole of New Zealand? Yes. Am I going to do it in the most lily way possible? Also yes. Our route is defiantly unconventional, yet I still wouldn’t have had it any other way @dr_lesina Will we find our dream men? Will we choose no one and start dating each other? Will I remember all of their names? How many times can I say “shit” on Tv? Only one way to find out. @thebachelorette_nz 7.30 on @tvnz.official

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