New Zealand's own Kaleb Hill brings the fire with Red Bull on 64 Bars

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017, 2:39PM
Photo / Facebook

Photo / Facebook

It's not every day you end up spitting some serious bars all for the cause of getting wings, however, if you happen to be David Dallas or Kaleb Hill (K.One) then you may know exactly what's going down.

New Zealand's own Hill was handpicked by David Dallas to spit some bars with Red Bull on 64 Bars, something that has been putting some of the hottest hip-hop prospects for some time. 64 Bars is known for being "free from song structure, hooks, and bridges, this is carpark cypher rhyming at its finest, and the punchlines are uppercuts".

64 Bars is going into its third season and Masterton native Hill jas been away from the game for a couple years and is back with a vengeance, renewed vigour and this time rolling solo away from Illegal Muzik.