New Zealand's most annoying ad has changed and kiwi's are celebrating

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Monday, 24 April 2017, 3:10PM
Photo / YouTube

Photo / YouTube

It's a wonder she still has a job, considering she keeps overstocking but that's discussion to be had at another time. The main reason we've gathered you here today is to celebrate!

The Big Save Furniture ads have long been terrorising (in a good way) our television screens for a long time, iconically led by Lilly, her yelling and constant reminders that she's overstocked again.

However, it seems, for the first time Lilly is not yelling at us on the telly and New Zealand are breathing a sigh of relief.

These Reddit responses pretty much sum up how all of New Zealand felt the previously full on ads and we're just thankful. Although we're still quite confused what a beach has to do with the furniture, hey at least it looks nice.