Miss Universe NZ drops the mean evils after announcer stuff up!

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Monday, 27 November 2017, 1:58PM
Photo / YouTube

Photo / YouTube

Just when we thought Australian was the most offensive thing some could say to a Kiwi, turns out we were wrong about that one!

Hawkes Bay Māori beauty Harlem-Cruz Atarangi Ihaia experienced her own Miss Universe stuff up, not quite like the infamous Steve Harvey one, but still big enough for her to throw a little death stare at the way of the announcers!

 The swimsuit section had ended without any hiccups BUT things went a tad pear-shaped in the national costume area, where the announcer managed to mistake New Zealand with Netherlands:

"With a strong desire to be The Goddess of Fire, it's Netherland... New Zealand!"

A simple mistake some would say BUT not small enough for the Kohanga reo teacher to walk away from. Regardless, Ihaia looked stunning in her sun goddess influenced costume!

But how awkward...