McDonald's being ripped apart for this sneaky trick that robs you

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017, 3:38PM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

You can run from the chips BUT the truth might catch up with you one day and if there truly is any validity to this story then McDonald's fans might have themselves a little issue! A reddit user who claims to be a former employee of the mighty golden arches franchise has revealed that people may be being robbed of their chips!

A Reddit article has been doing the rounds asking users the question "What did your job hide from customers?", the answer has left the Internet shook!

"I worked at McDonald's and they taught me how to pinch the fry carton just right while putting the fries into them so that it looked full, but actually wasn't. He shook the fries out into his bag and poured them back into the fry carton himself and it only filled up halfway, so I had to give him more fries. I was impressed and embarrassed. It's been seven years and I can still see his face."

McDonald's then put water on the fire of lies and have said that there are "no secret tricks".

"We believe these claims to be fictional, there are no 'secret tricks' and we have strict operational procedures in place to ensure that fry portions are not under-filled," a spokesperson said.

"Without a verified source we are unable to investigate this further."

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Surely Maccas wouldn't do that to us!!!!