Kiwis can now play Live Video Escape Rooms with their friends while staying at home

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Wednesday, 6 May 2020, 8:20PM
Photo / Supplied

Photo / Supplied

Stuck inside and wanting an escape? This could be for you!

If you’re like the rest of us and missing going out and doing something fun with your friends? Well, now you can while still following all the Level 3 lockdown rules.

Kiwi company Escapade NZ introduced a brand new Live Video Escape Room, which features all the enjoyment, excitement and teamwork of an escape room while playing virtually with your friends over video call in the comfort of your own home.

For those who aren’t familiar with them, a normal escape room you race against the clock to solve a series of tricky puzzles to eventually find your way out.

The same is true of the live video escape room, however, this new feature works perfectly around the social distancing restrictions.

Instead of being in the escape room, you and your teammates get together via Zoom and control an Escapade game master - who is physically in the room - and get them to hunt out clues by instructing them what to do and where to go before the hour is up.

The surprisingly adrenaline-inducing experience requires a lot of teamwork and focus, but since you’re actually at home, you can even grab a cheeky wine while you play!

You can choose from two different Kiwiana themed rooms, The Bach and The Shed to play in teams up to six people from six different devices/locations.

Escapades currently have a great deal with GrabOne both for their Live Video Escape Room and their [email protected] game app.

The live video escape rooms are great for families, friends, colleagues and people of all ages, so get a team together and make your booking now for an amazing evening! You won’t regret it.